Dwarf Star BBS

The Dwarf Star Bulletin Board System

Dwarf Star is a recent project of mine, undertaken to learn some new platforms and systems and to become part of the small but extremely enthusiastic BBS scene revival. It’s small and still actively being developed/configured, I’m a novice System Operator (SysOp) and learning as I go.

It’s built entirely inside of a Raspberry Pi B+ running Apache2, PHP5, and Mystic BBS 1.10. Here’s the machine itself, all done up nicely:

Dwarf Star BBS on Raspberry Pi B+
The Dwarf Star BBS in its hardware incarnation on Raspberry Pi B+

When it’s finished, here’s a quick list of target features:

  • Self-Hosted Webpage (Finished)
  • Web Interface Embedded Telnet Client (Finished)
  • Telnet, NNTP, and Mail Services (Finished)
  • Custom ANSI TextMode Art + Menus (In Progress)
  • Local Messaging and File Areas (In Progress)
  • Network Messaging (Pending)