Half Past 2015

So, another three months later, it’s well past due for another blog post. Let’s catch up quickly and try to make some plans:

So, the last three months have been interesting. I’ve been learning a lot about Raspberry Pi, Linux/UNIX, and assorted relevant topics. Recently, I’ve doubled down and begun to teach myself Python using “Learn Python The Hard Way“, which I’m maybe 20% through with at the moment. It’s been good to really sink my teeth into something like that, which I didn’t have the discipline to completely tear through as a child. These new areas of study and growing expertise are important additions to my professional credentials as well as my skills relating to computer art.

Furthermore, I’ve been able to secure some grants to go back to school full time next semester, and hopefully finish my degree by the end of the school year. I have a lot of catching up to do so that I can be at speed with some of my classmates; I’ve especially been hitting DuoLingo extra hard to brush up on my French, which I haven’t studied in a classroom in years.

I’ll be maintaining this site and trying to generate new content more regularly, so thanks for stopping by, and wish me luck in the coming months!