C’est La Vie

Hello Internet. How’s things?

I’m doing well enough, I suppose. I haven’t written here in a while because I’ve been busy with many of the other things life has had in store for me, such as school and work, along with my other projects and explorations. I’ve been exploring art in some new ways, namely Text-Mode Art and ANSI Art. Aside from that, I’m still involved in the community surrounding Glitch Art/Net Art, and we have some not-yet-public projects cooking there as well.

One of my current projects has required me to spend quite a bit of time in the somewhat underground world of the extant BBS Scene, and that’s led to me beginning work on operating a BBS. I hope you’ll stay tuned, because that should be an interesting way to interact with myself as well as several other interesting humans out there on the net.

I suppose I’ll make a point of updating this more often, since I apparently haven’t posted anything on this new site since creating it three months ago. It’s a bit of a challenge to balance a personal website that you want to keep professional with the realities of life as a creative person and the sorts of uncertainty that entails, along with my own innate distaste for self-indulgence. Either way, I hope that you, whoever may be reading this, are enjoying a purpose-filled life that is somehow enriched by your having found this website. I appreciate your being part of the shared human experience with me. Stay tuned for more, and please never be afraid to reach out and contact me, for any reason.