Cameron C. Lindsay Dot Info


Well, to be honest, I always have trouble writing these. It’s a good idea to make an “About” page for an organization or a corporate entity very focused and free from needless errata. People, however, are a little more complex…

I do (or at least think about) a lot of things. I’m a writer (obviously), a comedian, a dabbler in design and visual art, and a technologist; on top of that I’m just a regular proletarian. As diverse as those interests are, though, they share a core commonality: A fascination with communication and the human experience.

Everything I do somehow revolves around exploring better ways to encode and express humanity. I find that to do this well, you can’t simply allow yourself to be fit into a box, wherein you will simply be a writer, or a comedian, or an artist, or an IT guy. Wearing the label of one can exclude you from the others.

So, I’m Cameron.